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USA Hut Tour

Aktualisiert: 11. Juli 2019

Story of the eight Hut Hoppers enjoying the Abenteuerreisen Hut Tour. With the Mountainbike 400 km through the wilderness from Durango to Moab. More than 12000 m of descent and 10000 m of ascent.

Starting with the Durango Hometrails - Ned Overend Bike Park, Sidewinder, big Canyon, Dry Fork Trail and Colorado Trail for two days to warm up and recover from Jet Lag.

Early morning we started the Hut Tour from the Molaspass, 3325 m above sea level. We had 32 km Single Trail to reach the first Hut called Bolam. It was not that easy as we had to pass the Rolling Pass at 3830m. Next hut was called Black Mesa Hut. Beautiful outlook to the La Sal Mountains. Next stop was the Dry Creek Hut. It was our only rainy day. Luckily we could enjoy a beautiful rainbow. The fourth hut was the Wedding Bell Hut. The landscape has changed significantly from alpine to desert. Excellent overview on the Dolores Canyon. Next hut was the Paradox Hut which was 55km away. It was a pretty hot day and we made a longer stop at Bedrock Bar. From Paradox Hut we approached the Geysir Pass Hut. Highlight was next day. We climbed 600 m of altitude to reach the Burro Pass at 3400 m above sea level. 50 Km of singletrails ahead of us through different climate zones towards Moab. The trail was called the whole Enchilada. In Moab we used our free day to visit the beautiful Delicate Arch in Arches Nationalpark. In Moab there are dozens of epic trails. We shredded the 17 km famous Slick Rock Trail and the Mag. 7 Trail. Excellent tour from Abenteuerreisen. Recommended for experienced mountainbiker and landscape lovers.

The Tour can be booked at: https://www.abenteuerreisen.ch/reisen/indian-summer-usa-huettentour-bikereise/

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